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The world needs you! Are you ready to step up and become an indie-green?

Starting your own green business is hard. I know, I’ve done it myself and I’ve interviewed, visited and learned from hundreds of indie-greens over the years.

All those who have succeeded say it’s the best thing they could have done. Despite the sleepless nights and the uncertainty in the beginning. I share all I’ve learned, and continue to learn, from those who have done it, here on the website.

I set up this website to encourage more people to become indie-greens.

In whatever way that works for you, solopreneur, charity, social enterprise or business founder. Start small and scale to what suits you best. There is a niche for everyone.

The world needs more indie-greens. We can all see that. The existing structures of mainly government and charities is hardly making a dent in the problem. Species loss, global warming and pollution of land, sea and air are growing problems. If we are going to change this, more people need to work to make that happen.

If you have a passion or are driven by a sense of mission then this website is for you. It is packed with useful information to help you set up as an indie-green.

Sure you can volunteer for a year or more with an environmental charity to land the one job that a hundred graduates are chasing. But if you are going to be working for somebody else for free, why not spend that time setting up your own business instead?

This is a learning and growing site. I continuously do research to find ways to support the indie-green community. I study other sectors and make connections of how the green sector can make use of innovative new techniques and technologies.

This isn’t purely altruistic, I want to learn to be more effective and make a decent living myself!

For example, I look at the arts world to understand how artists make a living and thrive. We tend to think of green work largely as a science and use methods from that world to fund our work. But we are as badly funded (if not worse) than the arts and we can learn from centuries of experience from freelancing artists.

Or look at the personal development sector, life coaches and location independent gurus have worked out how to self-fund their projects to earn good money and in many cases work where and when they want. They don’t have a special, high earning niche that would bring in money no matter what they do. They have a tried and tested formula. And guess what? Indie-greens can adapt parts of that formula to fund their own projects.

Don’t wait, start your indie-green life today.

There’s loads of helpful information in the blog.

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